Monday, April 4, 2011

I need your help!

So yes I still suck at this whole blog thing..I promise I'm going to try to do better! Our problem is we start something and then before it's finished we have to do something else, so things aren't getting finished. And I can't blog about unfinished things!! I've been off for a few days so things have been getting done...meaning you're going to get a butt load of blog updates! woo-hoo!!

Anyway, Tim and I can't agree on I thought I'd ask for some help! At the end of our hallway Tim painted a mirror we got from a thrift store ($2!!) orange and put it up and surprised me. I love it!! But I think there needs to be something else down there with it. I was thinking a book shelf. Now we would have to build it because I don't think there's a book shelf out there that matches our exact measurements. I was thinking something along these lines..

(i found this picture searching in google, not sure where it's from)

I even love the color on back. I love it so much I decided to bring in it the living room, I bought spray paint that matches and went to town on some candle stick holders and some other little nick knacks. I measured out what I thought would look good and what wouldn't be awkward when walking out of our room but my wonderful husband still isn't sold on it. I think it'd look so good down there! So I thought I'd ask you guys what you's the hallway..

What do you guys think...Let me know!!!!



  1. I agree that there should be something else there. My mom always had a mirror there and underneath a half moon table (that i wanted, but some else anyway, from the picture the mirror is begging for something. With your white accents i love the small shelf idea...or you could find a half moon table. I love you and miss you sooo much!

  2. I agree, Jods. Something needs to be own there. I like the bookshelf idea, especially with the peekaboo color on the back!

  3. Haha. I can tell you like that color considering the blog background and all. Haha. It does need something, only wonder I have that a door back there you'd be having trouble getting in/out of with a bookshelf jutting out? If so, maybe you could get a decal of a desk? Hahah. :)If not, I think what you found would be the perfect fill for the extra space. I'm not a bright colored girl though, so I could see if he was wary about the mirror and bookshelf background together...

  4. Jods I miss u and love your blog. Love the orange mirror. I agree it does need something. What if you.... I have a few ideas. They might sound crazy but you could make your own bookshelf by stacking two old wood crates. You could even add legs to them I can send u a picture I found. Or you could even attach a few old vintage dresser drawers to the wall to create a floating shelf since you don't have lots of room. These ideas fit your style and theme of your house! Blog pics of what you end up doing!!!!!!! ;)

  5. Jenni you're a freaking genius!! We really like the drawer idea! We tried it with one of our drawers that isn't being used and loved loved loved it!! Now we just have to find a drawer like ours!! Thank you so much!! Once we get it and get it up I'll post pictures!! Thanks again!!!

  6. Yeah!!!!!! I can't wait to see pics!!!!! I'm sure it will be amazing as the rest of your adorable house is!!!!! ;) And keep blogging cause I love reading!!!!!!!!