Sunday, December 5, 2010

The House!!

Now that we finally have internet i can show you all our house! I'll just show a few of my favorite rooms so I don't bore you with all the empty beige rooms! When we work on a room I'll be posting pics, so you'll end up seeing them all eventually!

Before I start posting I'll fill you in with whats been going on these past 2 weeks. We got all moved in and had our first guest! My brother and sister-in-law came in town for Thanksgiving and stayed with us for a few nights! We held Thanksgiving here for my sister and her kids, and my brother and sis-in-law! It was amazing, I loved having people over and not worrying about there not being enough room! Thankfully we haven't painted, my youngest nephew decided he wanted to decorate the walls! He's wild. We've also found out that home owning isn't the easiest thing...I kind of miss being able to call maintenance! Tim is a handy guy so thankfully the little random hiccups have been fixed! Other than that we absolutely love the house!


This is the front...nothing special. Eventually we will be painting, adding new numbers and shutters (modern ones), and getting a new front door that'll be painted as well!


Oh the living room..our first project. This room and the nest 3 will look very different after the first of the year! I'm so excited to get started on it!


I love the dining room! Real hardwood floors and lots of light! i just love it!


And the kitchen. Sometime we will be making a trip up to ikea to get new counter tops and a farmhouse sink. I can't wait for that day!!

There it is, well parts of it! We've already started fixing up some of our furniture, those will come soon!!