Thursday, May 26, 2011

Needing Some Umph..

So I realize it's been a while since I've posted. Wedding season has started for Tim so our weekends aren't as free and relaxing as they used to be. Also I haven't really been inspired by anything lately. I feel like I've hit a wall and just don't want to do anything anymore! And I'm not going to's hard to do anything when there isn't some cash flowing in. :) But that's all about to change!

I've been saving some money so we can redo somethings in the kitchen. Like a new counter top, new back splash, new sink and faucet, and paint all the cabinets a true white (I really don't like that they are a creamy white and our appliances are white. Drives me crazy!) Tim approached me one day suggesting using that money for all the things we're wanting to get done now. Let me show you this list of things we need/want done now...

•build outdoor sectional, get cushions
•make bed
•decorate bedroom!!
•paint bedroom and do something on bed wall
•finish dresser!
•organize closet and laundry room
•make coffee table
•finish curtains downstairs

That's a hefty list for the amount of money I've got stashed. But I'm bound and determined to get as much of it done as I can. Now that we've decided we are going to do this, I need to find some inspiration. So I guess that should be first on the list...

Wish us luck!!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another Room Down...Almost.

So I've already told you all about how when we moved in Tim and I decided to do one room at a time. At that time we decided we were going to do all the upstairs and the basement would be last. Well that didn't last long! Honestly we spend most of our time down there and since Tim went full time with his photography, he is down there all the time, it made sense to start working down there. It's funny what a can of paint can do in a room! We were thinking about doing either a green or a blue, but nothing that was too bright or too dark. Since it serves as 2 rooms I had to think what would be best. Green was out. Every time I walked by the green swatch, it just didn't scream out at me! At one of our many trips to Lowes, Tim found the perfect blue. I think we ended buying a sample can that night! We fell in love! Tim wasn't sold on every wall being blue, and while watching a re-run of Project Runway I noticed one of their walls in the Lounge had a cool design to it. I thought it'd be cool to do something on the office side to help define the different areas. We both drew out different ideas but we ended up doing horizontal lines that gradually get bigger as they go up. It's so fun and it breaks up all the blue! We also rearranged the room but of course I don't have a before of that...only one of how it looked before we painted. I'm awesome.

I guess I should mention how amazing my husband I painted the white wall one day to prepare for whatever design we were going to do. Tim mapped out the stripes, painted them, cut the whole basement, (because he knows to NEVER let me do the cutting) and painted the high parts...I only had to paint the lower half of the living room side...yea, amazing!

Winston thought his tail would work as an excellent brush...not so much bud!

Here's Tim mapping out the stripes. I helped do the bottom but I believe I was super tired and was having one of those slap-happy moments. I just couldn't comprehend what his plans were and why we were taping a certain way and I wouldn't stop laughing. Needless to say he sent me away. He decided that night to do the blue so he wouldn't forget what part had to be painted. He did tape the parts not to paint but he still had to do it...

And here it is now-ish. There's a lot on there since we are lacking in storage. Hopefully that will come soon.

I'll be back soon telling you all about that desk and about the new light fixtures down there!