Thursday, May 26, 2011

Needing Some Umph..

So I realize it's been a while since I've posted. Wedding season has started for Tim so our weekends aren't as free and relaxing as they used to be. Also I haven't really been inspired by anything lately. I feel like I've hit a wall and just don't want to do anything anymore! And I'm not going to's hard to do anything when there isn't some cash flowing in. :) But that's all about to change!

I've been saving some money so we can redo somethings in the kitchen. Like a new counter top, new back splash, new sink and faucet, and paint all the cabinets a true white (I really don't like that they are a creamy white and our appliances are white. Drives me crazy!) Tim approached me one day suggesting using that money for all the things we're wanting to get done now. Let me show you this list of things we need/want done now...

•build outdoor sectional, get cushions
•make bed
•decorate bedroom!!
•paint bedroom and do something on bed wall
•finish dresser!
•organize closet and laundry room
•make coffee table
•finish curtains downstairs

That's a hefty list for the amount of money I've got stashed. But I'm bound and determined to get as much of it done as I can. Now that we've decided we are going to do this, I need to find some inspiration. So I guess that should be first on the list...

Wish us luck!!


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