Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Joys of Winston...

So this is going to be a quick one...I'm a little aggravated. But I guess I brought this on myself.

About a week ago I joined the addicting world of Pinterest. And one of the blogs I follow is doing a Pinterest Challenge. I thought, "I could do that!" Well not as fast as them but why not find something I like, then do it. Finally put things on our bare walls. I came across this picture in the DIY section and decided I had to do it.

So I ran to JoAnns got an "E" and figured I could use some left over jute that I had laying around. Oh an "E" you ask? One day while thrift store hopping we found a "R" and thought how fun it'd be if we had all the letters of our last name scattered throughout the house. So that's why I got the "E". I got home and was testing different ways to wrap it and finally found one that worked. All in all it probably took me 30 minutes or less and a burnt leg. Stupid hot glue gun. Here she is...

So cute! Now we didn't put it up because we weren't sure where it was going so we put it on the kitchen counter, right up against the wall, where a certain dog would clearly have a hard time reaching. I'm sure all of you who know Winston, know where I'm going with this. When we got home tonight I was welcomed with this..

That's just the jute...we aren't sure where the "E" went. His belly I'm sure. We were just amazed by the fact that he worked really hard to get the jute off and he only ate the "E", oh and a empty box of pop tarts. He never seizes to amaze me. Now I get to go and do that all over again..Here is how the trouble maker looks now..


Monday, August 1, 2011

8 Months Later, We Finally Have A Bed!!

Well since I'm stuck at the Denver airport, I figured I could update. It's a little lengthy so I apologize now!

We've been busy working on our bedroom. We painted and finally painted our dresser but I'll get to that later this week. We also built our bed. Thank you ana-white.com. Well sort of.

We originally wanted an old door for a head board and actually got an AMAZING door from a friend. The only problem was that it had been outside in the rain and had bugs crawling all over it. No matter what Tim did to clean it, they seemed to come back. He even tried to start stripping it but it probably has about 6 or more layers of paint on it. We figured once we got it completely stripped, cleaned, de-bugged, and sanded it'd be about a month or so before it was ready to be painted/stained and we were becoming impatient. We also thought about doing a reclaimed barn wood headboard. There's a barn close to us and we seriously thought about going in there and taking some wood. But we weren't sure how we'd get the wood (since the wood we liked is still an actual part of the barn) and how bad it'd smell when it got hot. Nothing more romantic than a poop smelling headboard. So we went with the whole buying new wood and beating the crap out of it route. And we are happy we did!

Before we actually built the bed I wanted to have our night stands so we knew how tall the bed needed to be. We bought old crates from an antique store and added a small piece of wood in the center for a shelf. We finally had an idea of the bed we wanted, our night stands, and the money to buy the wood. So lets get to building!

First we built the base of the bed, like where our mattress actually lays. We took a few 2 by 4's and built it out and then screwed some plywood down to support the mattress. I actually did a lot more cutting this time around. After we built that we took that up to our room and put the mattress on it. I put an old sheet down before the mattress so the plywood wouldn't snag the mattress.

We then made the last few cuts we needed and stained the pieces. We did this because we had to build the bed in our room and we didn't want to worry about having stain dripping on the carpet. We had some left over stain from our outdoor furniture and since we love it so much, we just used it. As for the headboard, before we stained it we took a chain, hammer, mallet, hand saw, and screws and took any anger out on the wood. We laid the screws down and hit it with the mallet or hammer and banged the chain and hand saw all over it. It was kind of dangerous but it was a lot of fun.

After letting the stain dry we took the pieces up to our room and built that bad boy. We screwed the outer pieces onto the frame, added the front and back legs. Then we put the mattress back on and tested it out...it was a little taller than we thought it was going to be...Winston wasn't too sure about it.

We then added the pieces for the headboard. I had Tim screw the screws into the back because I wanted that clean look. At first we were going to do the boards where they we perfectly lined up but after putting the first one on we decided we wanted to make it look jig-jaggidy.

Here it is! We love it. It's a lot taller than we thought and are still getting used to that. But after having our mattress on the floor for 8 months, anything would feel too tall! Since I took this picture we put our new comforter on it but until I get the rest of the stuff for it this bad picture will have to do!