Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Twins are DONE!!!

EEEEEE!!! They're done!!! Are you as excited as we are??? I hope so!!

Of course I'm talking about the chairs for the living room! They're amazing! I actually gave the upholster Sandy a hug. :) She did such a good job. She had a fight with them when she put the nail heads in. There are a few spots that I need to go back and touch up, i just haven't had time. Plus you wouldn't be able to see it unless you had your face super close to them. Oh and I guess I should mention how long it took her...3 days! We dropped them off on Sunday and she called me Wednesday telling me they were done! We couldn't get up there until Friday, so don't worry I haven't been holding out on you all!! Ok, I'll stop talking about them and show them to you!!

Here's a before..

And NOW!!

We LOVE them!! Here's what the living room was before..

And the room don't judge the awfulness of the picture. I'm tired and was feeling lazy! We're making a coffee table, so once that's done I'll have Tim take a pretty picture of the room!!

Notice Winston..? That's his favorite toy, ever!! I love that dog!

What's next you ask?? Well the coffee table aaaaaannnndddd the basement!! Woo-Hoo!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Great Wall of Fleenor

(yeah, that title is courtesy of Tim...) update on the chairs!!

Thanks to my good friend Jenni..I found an upholster who is doing my chairs for...wait for it...$50 a chair!! Now compared to some of the other places I called..this is a steal. (One person wanted $180 a chair, hahahahahaha!!) Tim and I drove them up north on Sunday and met Sandy. She's awesome. She teased me a lot for what I thought I could do. I should get them sometime this week!! eeeee!! If you or anyone is in need of some upholstery, contact her! and her name is Sandy. Just one tip..if you do what Tim and I did, keep the fabric that you took off. She needs that to make a pattern out of it, so don't throw the scrapes away. Or she said she's had someone take her the chair, she rips it all off, you go back and get it so you can paint it, and then take it back for her to finish.

Ok now onto the latest thing we've finished. I'm awful and only have a before picture from when we first moved in, In the living room, all of our walls are either tall and completely empty or full of windows. So we had to decide how we were going to fill those tall, completely empty walls. We thought out a few different ideas and decided on 2 different things for the 2 walls. The one wall that goes up our stairs is getting a special little treatment that you'll have to wait for! The other wall upstairs got a shelf face lift. We really thought this through. On one of our many trips to Lowe's we checked out their shelving choices and wrote down the measurements of the 3 different sizes we liked. When we got home, Tim took a picture or the wall and loaded that picture onto photo shop and sized down the measurements of the shelves so we could visually see what they'd look like. We decided on 2 large, 2 medium, and 3 small. We went back and got them and then we put those bad boys up. I'm not going to lie, these have been up since February, I just haven't finished filling the shelves.

Pretty much everything on these shelves are from thrift stores. And anything that is an animal or a nick-knack, we sprayed painted. We didn't really have an idea of what we wanted up there, whenever we saw something we liked, we got it. (Sometimes not knowing if it'd work anywhere!) After we painted the whole area and put up the curtains, I decided I wanted to bring in some other colors other than gray, yellow, and tealish-blueish. We went with orange and that granny smith apple green that I am now officially obsessed with. Tim might have to take the spray paint can away from me. :)

One thing we knew we wanted was a big, marquee "F". We had a hard time with that...let's be honest, we are still having a hard time with that. They are not cheap and we can't find one that fits everything we want. We might make one some day but for now we are happy with the foam board "F" Tim made last minute.

I'm happy with it...for now. I'm sure I'll see something at a thrift store that would look better up there. Who knows how many times the things up there will change! Oh and that lamp will be changing very soon! Hopefully you'll be hearing from me by the end of the week with the finished chairs!!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chair Blues..

I'm kind of sad..and when I say kind of, I mean I'm really really sad. Since I've had some days off, we decided to get to work on the new chairs for the living room. I found these amazing Victorian armchairs on craigslist for $100. Now I would of barter with the lady but...I was scared for our lives. I was happy Tim was with me...The lady met us in the hallway of a creepy apartment complex and told us to be quiet because there was a sleeping baby. (Riiiight) Once inside there were a handful of medieval swords and knives all over the wall in this house..At this point you'd think we'd leave. Nope! I had to have these chairs!! She showed them to us, I said yes before she could even finish telling us about them, gave her her money and peaced out!! Now I'm sure this lady was super nice and just liked collecting medieval things but it was creepy!!

Worth it right?!?

At first, I was going to have a professional take care of the twins but one of my sister-in-laws helped me figure out how to get the back of the chair off. They were a pain in my butt...lots of bad things came out of my mouth. :) I'll leave it at that. With lots of muscle help from Tim we got all that awful fabric off and we sanded them...mainly by hand. There are a lot of intrigue areas on these chairs. It took a lot longer than I wanted!!

We decided we were going to spray paint these to avoid dripping. That was one problem we had with our dining room chairs. We put on a coat of primer and noticed that the paint wasn't sticking to those intricate little areas!! BAH! I had Tim do a coat of spray paint just to make sure it was a bust, and it was. Still no sticking. We ended up buying a quart of nice white paint and did 4 light coats.


Now on to why I'm sad...I had everything we needed..fabric, cording, and nail head trim. Tim and I covered the seat cushions with muslin (I didn't feel like taking off that fabric) and I got the fun, bright, new fabric out and found out that we don't have the right tools. We tried the staple gun we used for our dining chairs but the staples weren't holding the fabric. We even got out the loud compressor hoping the extra umph would do the such luck!! So now I'm back to square one. I wanted so badly for these chairs to be done! I'll be calling around for a decent upholsterer and hopefully soon I'll have the final product! If you know of anyone who won't charge me an arm and a leg..please pass along their info!!


Monday, April 4, 2011

I need your help!

So yes I still suck at this whole blog thing..I promise I'm going to try to do better! Our problem is we start something and then before it's finished we have to do something else, so things aren't getting finished. And I can't blog about unfinished things!! I've been off for a few days so things have been getting done...meaning you're going to get a butt load of blog updates! woo-hoo!!

Anyway, Tim and I can't agree on I thought I'd ask for some help! At the end of our hallway Tim painted a mirror we got from a thrift store ($2!!) orange and put it up and surprised me. I love it!! But I think there needs to be something else down there with it. I was thinking a book shelf. Now we would have to build it because I don't think there's a book shelf out there that matches our exact measurements. I was thinking something along these lines..

(i found this picture searching in google, not sure where it's from)

I even love the color on back. I love it so much I decided to bring in it the living room, I bought spray paint that matches and went to town on some candle stick holders and some other little nick knacks. I measured out what I thought would look good and what wouldn't be awkward when walking out of our room but my wonderful husband still isn't sold on it. I think it'd look so good down there! So I thought I'd ask you guys what you's the hallway..

What do you guys think...Let me know!!!!