Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Twins are DONE!!!

EEEEEE!!! They're done!!! Are you as excited as we are??? I hope so!!

Of course I'm talking about the chairs for the living room! They're amazing! I actually gave the upholster Sandy a hug. :) She did such a good job. She had a fight with them when she put the nail heads in. There are a few spots that I need to go back and touch up, i just haven't had time. Plus you wouldn't be able to see it unless you had your face super close to them. Oh and I guess I should mention how long it took her...3 days! We dropped them off on Sunday and she called me Wednesday telling me they were done! We couldn't get up there until Friday, so don't worry I haven't been holding out on you all!! Ok, I'll stop talking about them and show them to you!!

Here's a before..

And NOW!!

We LOVE them!! Here's what the living room was before..

And the room don't judge the awfulness of the picture. I'm tired and was feeling lazy! We're making a coffee table, so once that's done I'll have Tim take a pretty picture of the room!!

Notice Winston..? That's his favorite toy, ever!! I love that dog!

What's next you ask?? Well the coffee table aaaaaannnndddd the basement!! Woo-Hoo!



  1. That's fantastic, Jodi! They look wonderful and done so quickly. I thought it might take weeks if not months. I LOVE it.