Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chair Blues..

I'm kind of sad..and when I say kind of, I mean I'm really really sad. Since I've had some days off, we decided to get to work on the new chairs for the living room. I found these amazing Victorian armchairs on craigslist for $100. Now I would of barter with the lady but...I was scared for our lives. I was happy Tim was with me...The lady met us in the hallway of a creepy apartment complex and told us to be quiet because there was a sleeping baby. (Riiiight) Once inside there were a handful of medieval swords and knives all over the wall in this house..At this point you'd think we'd leave. Nope! I had to have these chairs!! She showed them to us, I said yes before she could even finish telling us about them, gave her her money and peaced out!! Now I'm sure this lady was super nice and just liked collecting medieval things but it was creepy!!

Worth it right?!?

At first, I was going to have a professional take care of the twins but one of my sister-in-laws helped me figure out how to get the back of the chair off. They were a pain in my butt...lots of bad things came out of my mouth. :) I'll leave it at that. With lots of muscle help from Tim we got all that awful fabric off and we sanded them...mainly by hand. There are a lot of intrigue areas on these chairs. It took a lot longer than I wanted!!

We decided we were going to spray paint these to avoid dripping. That was one problem we had with our dining room chairs. We put on a coat of primer and noticed that the paint wasn't sticking to those intricate little areas!! BAH! I had Tim do a coat of spray paint just to make sure it was a bust, and it was. Still no sticking. We ended up buying a quart of nice white paint and did 4 light coats.


Now on to why I'm sad...I had everything we needed..fabric, cording, and nail head trim. Tim and I covered the seat cushions with muslin (I didn't feel like taking off that fabric) and I got the fun, bright, new fabric out and found out that we don't have the right tools. We tried the staple gun we used for our dining chairs but the staples weren't holding the fabric. We even got out the loud compressor hoping the extra umph would do the such luck!! So now I'm back to square one. I wanted so badly for these chairs to be done! I'll be calling around for a decent upholsterer and hopefully soon I'll have the final product! If you know of anyone who won't charge me an arm and a leg..please pass along their info!!


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  1. If you have the fabric. My mom found a lady who charges around 85 per chair. Not bad at all. She is going into surgery soon for her wrist so it might be awhile. Let me know if u are interested I can get her info!! ;) also I had a lady from liberty that said she would do a couch for 85. She might be worth contacting. Let me know!!!!