Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dining Room Chairs...FINALLY!!!

First of all...who has 2 thumbs and sucks at updating her blog?? *THIS GIRL!!* Man it's been awhile. A lot of things have been going on over here and has kind of put a hold on somethings. But we are back!! We finished our chairs, yay!! And we've put some stuff on the walls! But first the chairs!

It's sort of annoying how long these 6 chairs took us. Tim started this project before Christmas...yea you read that right, Christmas!! He sanded the table and 4 chairs that came with the table and the other 2 chairs we got for our captain chairs (they only set us back $20). We wanted the table to have more of a rustic, farm look. So all he did was sand it and did a light coat of stain. You can see nicks and some parts are a little darker than other parts, but that's what we wanted! We love it! It's been upstairs since now here's the story on those chairs.

When we bought the table it came with 4 ladder back chairs. I thought that we could paint them and add fabric to them and be done with it. Well..first they were bigger than the chairs we got for the Captains chairs, and second I kind of hated them. They weren't exactly what I was wanting. Before we even put an offer on a house I found this picture online and decided we had to do this!

Sadly we can't have the buffet but we still went through with our plan. Tim already had 3 out of the 4 chairs sanded when I finally told him I didn't care for them. :) He told me if I could find some chairs for super cheap and within a certain time limit, I could get them. So I hunted on craigslist constantly for 2 weeks until I found these gems for $15. Well when Tim picked them up, he only had a 20, so actually they were $20. But still..that's awesome!!

We sanded these and had to do 3 coats on all the chairs. I recovered all the seats and a seat from a chair I got for my desk that was $15 at a flea mart. (the chair on the right is 1 of the Captains Chairs and the other one is my desk chair!)

So without further they are!!

We are very happy with the finish product!!

As a side note..Tim is a full time photographer!! Woo Hoo!!!


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