Thursday, July 21, 2011

Window Help!!

So before I update all the amaziness from our room, we need some help!

In the afternoon hours, our upstairs gets really freaking hot! And not to mention our electric bill is getting out of control!! First order of business is I'm going to line our curtains with a thermal liner. Now why we are needing your help. Our back door has been curtainless/blindless since we moved in and we have always liked it like that. And with the weather being so hot we are now faced with needing to put something up. I want curtains (probably plain ol'white) because personally I'm over blinds and I'm nervous that this sweet face will ruin them like he usually does.

But Tim wants pull down blinds something like these..

He thinks that with all the curtains upstairs being closed the wall will look like one big curtain and he doesn't want to cover up the molding. Just to refresh your memory's, here's the back door and the other wall this the curtains closed..

Ok..please help us!! Thanks!!


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  1. We made roman shades for all the million windows in our sunroom. Still allowed for some light to be let in, but gave us the privacy we were looking for. Maybe a thought?

    This is the tutorial we used since we already had some nasty, off-white blinds on those windows:

    Buuuuut, here's one that uses dowel rods instead if that's cheaper: