Sunday, July 24, 2011

Window Decision!

Well we made a decision with the back door! Thank you for your ideas! We ended up getting roman shades. I looked at all the different was to make my own and went to price them out at Lowes and we ended up just buying them at Lowes. What can I say, sometimes we are suckers for the easy way out! :) Tim just put them up and it's kind of amazing how cool it already seems to be! I'm sad that we ended up having to cover the wonderful light...but we can always pull them up and leave them up when it isn't 105 outside!

Here's Tim making sure that the latches are level.

Ahhh, Much Better!!

These roman shades are the "classic thermal" shades from allen & roth and are just classic white. We didn't want another pattern going on up there so white it was. We really like them, and seriously hope they help with the warmth!

I'll be back soon with what's been going on in our room!


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