Sunday, July 3, 2011

Outdoor Furniture-Part 1!

Well we've been busy this past month! I've been meaning to update but just having really had the time!

So it all starts back a few months. When the weather started getting nice, we decided to go outdoor furniture hunting and lord it was all so expensive! It's kind of ridiculous how expensive some of the stuff is out there. That got me thinking, why can't we just make our own? Some friends from church told us about a website called, so I went and checked it out. This girl builds everything, including outdoor furniture! After searching through the different options we decided we wanted to do a sectional. We liked that it was a little different than the usual stuff out there and the chairs were moveable so if you didn't want to sit close to someone you could move your chair. We went to Lowe's and priced it all out and figured out it was going to cost maybe $200 to build it all and get/make cushions. Um yes please! We decided to build one and make sure that we could actually do it.

Here's Tim picking out wood.

I learned that warped wood is bad and that more than half the pile is full of warped wood.

This is what I do at Lowe's...that thing's awesome!

Tim measuring the wood.

And cutting it. (Now with our first chair we really used a hand saw. After some uneven cuts we borrowed our Pastors table saw thing, it went a lot faster and smoother after that)

I'm a little OCD and had to put the cuts from largest to smallest, weird I know. Oh yea..wear shoes when working with nails and wood and power tools.

And here would be all the pictures of us building this bad boy but I didn't take any pictures during the build...or during any of the builds. Whoops. You can see the step by step process on :)

And here he is in all his glory. We actually built this!!

We ended up building the rest but I'll save that for later this week!!

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  1. they turned out awesome! So impressed! If only it were 'nice' outside here:):)
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