Monday, January 10, 2011


Well that time is slowly creeping up on us Fleenor's...Painting!! I have to say I'm pretty excited to get rid of all the beige! Every inch of this house is beige and I'm ready to bring some color into our lives! Since before the house was ours we knew we wanted to do grays and a blueish, greenish color. I'm not really sure what you'd call that color. We went to Nebraska Furniture Mart a few months ago and found an amazing couch in this mystery blue color we love. I think the color was called "sea foam green" at NFM but it doesn't look too green.

We took our cue from there. The walls will be two shades of gray. A light and then a little darker gray. Since it's such an open space we decided to change up the grays so it isn't one note all the way around. The colors will be not just in the living/dining area but the walls continue down the hall and down the stairs and that little hallway. Lots of gray! At first we were going to do a chair rail around the main area and through the upstairs hallway. The top being gray and the bottom being white, with white so.

But thankfully we had to wait to start this big project and we figured out it'd be a waste of money. After looking at the area over and over again, we noticed that you wouldn't see the squares. The walls are kind of choppy..we have 4 big windows, our back door and a fire place that take up a lot of wall and the areas that are wall, are pretty small. Also we have a few pieces of furniture that cover the areas that have a lot of wall space! That sounds really confusing, but you'll understand soon! We've had some more ideas of what to do to make that room not so gray, but their always seem to be a "but" and we are back to square one. Kind of frustrating!! One of our solutions is to paint the walls in the kitchen that wonderful blue color. I found some hand towels at Target that are ridiculously close to the couch and my wonderful husband bought me a Kitchen Aid mixer for my birthday in that color, so why not throw it on the walls! I'm pretty freaking excited!

We headed to Lowes last week to start the agonizing task of choosing colors. Grays are so sticking hard! They can be too blue, too brown, or too green and you won't know until it's on your walls mocking you because you just jumped in and painted every wall already! So after sifting through a crap load of grays, we found two light grays and two dark grays that we liked. And a blue that we loved. (it matches my mixer perfectly!) We bought them all in sample sizes, spending $2.94 for the little cans. That's a lot better than buying 2 cans in each color and praying the color is right and it end up not being right at all! We did 2 coats on each square and patiently waited for them to dry and for some sunlight. Sadly we were never home when it was sunny and it's winter here in KC, so it's vary rare to have a sunny day! But Saturday we woke up and got to see what they looked like during the day.

We picked the two grays but had second thoughts on the blue. It's bright and cheery but maybe a little too bright for our liking. I ran back up to Lowes, with a second choice I had hiding in our junk drawer and bought a sample. And thank the Lord it's perfect!!

We decided that this weekend is the weekend we paint! I think we can get it all done if we start Friday after work and work every second we can. Tim thinks I'm a nut but I guess we will see what happens! I can't wait to see how it's going to look! We aren't done decorating and what not but I'll still give you a sneak peak!

I had to add this of our boys. It's the first big snow of the season and they couldn't be more excited for it!!



  1. You are so cute (and your boys are too!) You can paint as long as you can make it to Kai's party Saturday. Love you both! (or 4)

  2. Hi! We had all greys through our condo in LS and I LOVED it!!!! So calming! You're smart to try out all the samples first, I painted almost our entire living before Kyle got home and asked me why I changed my mind to purple.... needless to say I was a tad frustrated! I def have to see your place soon!!!!!

  3. Do you remember what colors you used? I'm looking for a few good greys right now and remember loving your house!