Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Meet the Fleenors!

First, I guess I should introduce ourselves! I'm Jodi and my amazing husband is Tim, and we've been married for about 2 in a half years! We have 2 dogs-Gus a 3 year old mini poodle, and Winston a 1 year old Golden Retriever. They are like our children! Tim is an amazing photographer and I'm a nanny to an amazing little boy!

Since we got married, we have been moving place to place and trying to buy our first house. It all started about a month or so after we got married. But it wasn't as easy as we thought it was going to be. Who knew there would be so many obstacles for us to go through! We would think we would have everything we needed and then they would throw something else at us. In February I lost my job and we decided to put all the house buying stuff on the back burner and move to the Rivermarket. We figured we should do something like that before we started having kids. It's been a lot of fun, only problem was...WE WERE NEVER HOME!! Our lives and family we still back in the suburbs. I got my job and we decided just to see what was out there house wise and if we finally had everything we needed. We narrowed our search to "old houses." Basically if it was 50 years or older, we wanted it. We wanted something that had a lot charm and that has some history! People who own these houses, we learned, they don't like to sell them! I surprisingly found one that fit everything we could ever dream of. It was a classic two-story with a sun room and a porch that was screened in. It was adorable! We were serious about buying that sucker, then reality slapped us in the face! It was a HUD house (government owned) and they have a lot of guidelines for you to go by. Needless to say we had to walk sadly away from that house.

After that, we decided to not limit ourselves or else we will never find a house. We noticed in our search that these houses weren't starter houses, they were what you bought after having a starter house. Funny how the market is. I think I looked at close to 60 houses and Tim was lucky enough to only see the ones I really liked. We found one that was incredible, and HUGE! It was a 3 bed 2 bath and had a 3 car garage. But who knew investors would try to scheme us. Yet again we had to walk away from a great house. (That house is still on the market and this was about 2 1/2 months ago..suckers!) Then we found ANOTHER house. Even more amazing than the first. 3 bed 3 bath 3 car garage. An actual dining room and the master had super high ceilings and a great master bath! Basement was finished (with some mold), all we had to do was fence it in. We decided to put an offer in and learned that we had to put our best offer in by noon Monday. So we thought of a clever offer and off it went. Our offer was accepted but they wanted us to close in 2 weeks! HAHAHA!!! We would of had to had our appraisal before our inspection and that would of left us with dealing with the mold thanks!

We were getting a little tired of all the waiting and then nothing happening for us. In our long search we fell upon our now new house! It's a 3 bed 2 bath 2 car garage with a big yard and finished basement. My absolute favorite part is the living/dining/kitchen area. It's so light and airy and just awesome! It was right at the top of our max and we never thought we'd get it. So we threw them a low offer and figured it would get countered, which it 5 times. We FINALLY agreed on a price and after some more obstacles, we closed on 3 hours ago. Of course we don't have the keys yet so it doesn't feel real. The house is what you'd find in the dictionary under "typical suburban house" not at all what we were wanting at first. But then we thought, we can make it exactly like we we are! That is going to be the whole point of this blog. My favorite thing to do is look online and get ideas from other people and make it my own. I love looking on etsy, and my new obsession is craigslist. I have a big pile of stuff i got on there sitting at Tim's work, just waiting for me and my sander. I also am in love with a blog called They are pretty much amazing and i want their house! Tim met her through friends and he sent me her blog and now I can't stop reading it.

Tim and I have so many projects lined up, it's not even funny. As the process goes on, we are going to document it and put it up here and who knows, maybe someone will draw some inspiration from it. I might even add some random things about us if the projects are taking longer than we think. It's going to be long process so stick with us!! Thanks for taking the time to read, here are some pictures of us, our dogs and the new house. (We will be painting the outside hopefully this summer or next..)



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  1. So CUTE!!! I can't wait to read all about your home-owning adventures!!