Wednesday, November 24, 2010

All moved in!

We are finally in our first house! Well we have been since Sunday but this has been my first chance to get on here and share that with everyone! It has been stressful! A few months ago we booked a vacation for a week in November, who knew it'd be a few days after we closed. We packed all we could before we left and pretty much the whole kitchen, thanks to one of my wonderful sister-in-laws. We landed Saturday night, did some last minute shove everything in a box and were ready. Nothing like getting up at 7 after a very relaxing vacation to move! We had some amazing helpers come and either watch our wild dogs or help us load the truck. It was an all day event. I still can't get over how much stuff we had in that small loft! Tim's parents came and helped us unload (thanks again!!). We took the truck back and went to get some little things that wouldn't fit. On my last trip out to the car I was taking our bikes, I had a can of black paint in my bike basket...needless to say the bike fell over and black paint was everywhere!! I felt awful! Cleaning that up sucked but thankfully the floors at the loft are concrete. Whoops!

For the past 3 nights we have been unpacking like crazy! And for the most part, we are done! There are a few boxes here and there that are lying around but they don't have anything important in it, I hope. The dogs absolutely love the place! Winston is having troubles with the stairs but he'll get the hang of it soon, and Gus seems a million times happier! I'll post pictures once we have Internet. It's pretty bare since we have so many projects that we need to start!


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